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Kemit manufactures entire range of Leather Chemicals including Synthetic Leather Tanning Agents (Syntans), Fat Liquors, Wetting Agents, Degreasing Agents and Leather Finishing Chemicals. A brief of all the products manufactured in included below. Please contact us for detailed technical literatures or for any other additional requirements.
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Name of our Product

Chem. Nature



Uses and Properties

1. SAVINTAN DL-E Phenol condensation product  Off white powder 3.0-3.5 It is chiefly used as retanning agent for the production of white, lightfast leathers. On the leathers to be dyed, the levelness of the resultant shades and the lightfastness of the tanned leather are improved.
2. SAVINTAN DI  Phenol napthalene condensation product  Light yellow powder 3.0-3.5 Replacement tanning agent used in retannage of chrome leather and imparts a paler and more uniform appearance to the leather and very good whiteness to the grain. In vegetable tannage, the product gives a leather with improved tensile strength and a paler colour as well
3. Savintan OS Phenol napthalene condensation product  Light yellow powder 3.8-4.0 Versatile synthetic replacement tanning agent for the retannage of chrome leather and for vegetable tannage
4. Savintan FB6 Melamine based resin tanning agent Off white powder 7.5-8.5 Lightfast retanning agent for producing soft leathers possessing distinctly improved fullness and good dyeing properties.
5. Savintan R7 Nitrogen containing polymeric resin Pale brown powder 7.5-8.5 Synthetic tanning cum filling agent for retannage of all types of chrome leather
6. Savintan AN Based on aromatic sulphonic acid condensate Yellowish powder 3.5-4.0 It is mainly used for retanning chrome and semichrome leathers that is to be dyed in full brilliant shades
7. Savintan S Combination organic tanning substance Light brown powder 6.5-7.5 It can be used for retanning chrome leather. The buffing properties of the leather are substantially improved
8. Savintan LA Salt of napthalene formaldehyde condensate Yellowish brown powder 6.5-7.5 It is mainly used for retanning chrome leathers. It gives leathers improved smoothness and paleness. Leathers retanned with this product can be more uniformly dyed.
9. Savintan LF Phenol condensation product Light yellow powder 6.5-7.5 It is a light fast retanning agent with good dispersing effect on anionic products. Helps imparting deeper shades in cationic dyeing.
10. Savintan M Salt of napthelene formaldehyde condensate Yellowish brown powderr 6.5-7.5 It is mainly used for retanning chrome leathers. It causes the vegetable tannins to go onto the leather more mildly and more uniformly so that the grain retains its full elasticity and can be more uniformly dyed.
11. Savintan N Mixture of organic and inorganic complexing agents White coloured powder 7.0-7.5 It is a neutralizing agent for chrome leather. It neutralizes very evenly and thus has many advantages over conventional neutralizing agent with regard to the quality of the resulting leather.
12. Savintan AKM Based on aromatic condensates and buffering and complex active compounds Cream coloured powder 7.0-7.5 It is an anionic synthetic auxiliary tanning agent especially recommended for neutralization.
13. Savintan NG Based on aromatic sulphonic acids and aliphatid dicarboxylic acids Light brown coloured powder 7.0-7.5 It is a lightfast neutralizing agent with mellow retanning effect and high affinity for acids. It is noted for a mild, penetrating, deacidifying effect.
14. Savintan FC Napthalene sulphonic acid condensation product Brown powder 1.1-1.6 It is an auxiliary tanning agent for pretanning, intermediate tanning and final tanning of all types of leather as well as for bleaching vegetable and chrome tanned leathers. It gives particularly tight and pale grain that can be uniformly dyed and readily buffed.
15. Savintan FCBJ3 Napthalene sulphonic acid condensation product Brown powder 1.2-1.5 Tanning agent for bleaching vegetable tanned or retanned leather to a pale colour. It is particularly suitable for the bleaching of EI tanned leather.
16. Savintan FCBJ4 Napthalene sulphonic acid condensation product Brown powder 1.3-1.8 Tanning agent for bleaching vegetable tanned or retanned lather to a pale colour with an yellowish tinge. It is particularly suitable for bleacing sole, sandal and vegetable-tanned leathers.
17. Savintan P Phenol condensation product Light yellow coloured powder 3.0-3.5 Pretanning agent for producing vegetable tanned leathers. It accelerates penetration, exert a bleach effect and produces a mellow handle. It is also suitable for retanning chrome tanned leathers
18. Savintan CD Basic chromium salt and synthetic tanning agent Greenish powder 2.5-3.5 Chrome tanning agent
19. Savintan RE Based on water soluble acrylic polymers Viscous readily pourable light yellow coloured liquid 6.0-7.0 Even a small amount of this product when applied in retannage will fill the leather without impairing the fineness and tightness of grain and the typicals chrome leather character. The product is lightfast and allows production of level dyeings.
20. Savintan BN Aluminium syntan White powder 3.0-3.5 Aluminium syntan
21. Savofyl BF Filler Off white powder 7.0-7.5 Filler
22. Savintan IGDC Aromatic carbonic acid polycondensate Brown liquid 7.0-7.5 Retanning agent for chrome and vegetable leather especially for soft leather. It is particularly suitable where soft and round feel with smooth grain is desired.
23. Savintan 540 Aqueous solution of syntan Creamy white viscous liquid 2.5-3.0 It is specially recommended for retanning of chrome leather. It shows an advantage over other tanning agents in its ability to plump leather
24. Savintan LSI Monomeric, heterocyclic N methlol compound Clear light yellow liquid 5.0-5.5 It is used for retannage of a wide variety of chrome leathers, and is particularly valuable for softy upper leathers with tight grain and for exceptionally soft nappa leather and suede. It has excellent grain thightening and structure levelling properties with slight filling.
25. Savintan GSI Carbamide formaldehyde precondensate Clear to translucent pale yellow liquid 7.0-7.5 Resin tanning for the retannage of chrome and combination tanned leathers. It levels out structural irregularities within the skin, increases the tightness of grain, reduces stretch of leather and imparts short, even nap to suede.
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