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Kemit manufactures entire range of Leather Chemicals including Synthetic Leather Tanning Agents (Syntans), Fat Liquors, Wetting Agents, Degreasing Agents and Leather Finishing Chemicals. A brief of all the products manufactured in included below. Please contact us for detailed technical literatures or for any other additional requirements.
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Leather Finishing Chemicals



Name of our Product


Uses and Properties

1. Savofinish MP Protein like non thermoplastic binder in colloidal aqueous solution. In plate finish, Savofinish MP is used in combination with pigment, resin binders and water in the pigment finish mixtures.
2. Savofinish WL Emulsifiable concentrate of nitrocellulose lacquer. Savofinish WL is primarily designed for spray top coating of corrected grain upper, full grain upper, garment leathers etc.
3. Savofinish HG Water miscible nitrocellulose lacquer emulsion Savofinish HG is primarily designed for spray top coating of corrected grain upper, full grain upper, garment leather etc.
4. Savofinish W Synthetic Wax Savofinish W is a synthetic wax made from domestically available long chain saturated fatty acids. Savofinish W is either available as cream coloured hard mass or alternatively it is available in emulsified form. The emulsification can be done in solvent or without solvent as per the end application required.
5. Savofinish C6 Wax Savofinish C-6 can be blended with base coat finishes from 10% to 25% of the resin on product basis. In top coats, based on acrylic emulsions, inclusion of 3% Savofinish C-6 based on total topcoat mix improves the feel of the leather.
6. Savofinish SI Wax dispersion with protein components It has a very good glazing and plating properties. It imparts excellent fullness, smoothness, brilliance and surface evenness. Imparts very good repolishing properties to the finish.
7. Savofinish B18 Water soluble acrylic polymer Savofinish B18 is designed for surface impregnation of leather to bond the grain layer to the corium as a means of upgrading lower quality stock. Leather impregnated with this polymer has improved bread, increased scuff resistance and higher cutting values.
8. Savofinish B41 General purpose aqueous dispersion of acrylic resins. This product has been accepted as one of the most versatile binding media available for use in leather finishing.
9. Savofinish LT 76 Emulsion Polymer Savofinish LT 76 is an emulsion polymer specifically designed for the surface impregnation of corrected grain leather to improve break. It has also proven successful in formulating upper finishes, especially where resistance to acetone and toluene is desired.
10. Savofinish B T91 Aqueous acrylic dispersion for dry, hard glossy film Savofinish B T91 is an aqueous dispersion which forms a dry, hard glossy film. The outstanding characteristics of this new binder make it useful in many finishing applications on various types of leathers in colour coats and top coats. A most interesting feature of this remarkable binder is its excellent performance in top finishes which approach nitrocellulose in resistance to wet rub
11. Savofinish B 440 Acrylic coating – medium soft Savofinish B 440 is an acrylic coating capable of masking minor defects to upgrade leather stock. It can thus be used with advantage for finishing of crusts with grain defects, especially in the case of sheep, goat and cow to achieve better results.
12. Savofinish B 863 Fine, uniform particle size acrylic resin dispersion having good penetration properties. Savofinish B 863 can be used un the formulation of base coats and colour coats and in surface impregnation of full and corrected grain leathers.
13. Savofinish P Penetrator Savofinish P is a specially balanced blend of ingredients that produces fast penetration and optimum distribution of acidic acrylic polymer dispersions. It is used in surface impregnation of corrected grain leathers.
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