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Saviton C
Kemit manufacturers range of superplasticizers for concrete. These products are an integral requirement in the modern construction industry. Kemit’s key strength lies in its technological ability to continuously upgrade and develop producs and production processes.

1) Saviton C

High range water reducing agent for concrete / concrete plasticiser

Product Characteristics

Composition :   Sulphonated Napthelene Formaldehyde Polymer
pH (10% solution) :   Brown coloured powder
Salt content :   8 ± 1
Moisture content :   15% max
Sulphated Ash :   34 ± 2
Use :   Excellent dispersing agent for cement particles and promotes fine dispersion with controlled rheological behaviour of cementitious compositions ensuring for extended workability. Normal flow and slump characteristics can be maintained with a reduced water content ratio in the concrete mix, resulting in increased final strength.

Features & Benefits

Reduces water upto 15 – 20% without effecting the workability
Increases workability at a given w/c ratio
Provides highly cohesive concrete mix & reduces the chance of bleeding and segregation
Makes concrete low permeable and hence more durable
No chloride – suitable for RCC
Compatible with all types of cement
Helps in reducing cement content for a required strength

Areas of Application

High performance concrete, columns, beams, decks dams
Ready mix concrete
Prestressed and Precast concrete
Congested reinforced concrete
High strength & low permeable concrete


100 – 200 ml / 50 kgs cement

Method of Application

The correct quantity of Saviton C should be measured and should be added to the part of mixing water prior to its addition to wet aggregates – cement mix. The admixture should not in any time be added to dry concrete mix. Always mix concrete constituents along with water for a minimum of 3 minutes for getting desired results.
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